{popin} Guided Relaxations & Savasana Scripts for Yoga Teachers: Volume 1 - $75.00

Guided Relaxations & Savasana Scripts for Yoga Teachers: Volume 1 - $75.00





Make Your Yoga Classes a Portal for Trance and Deep Relaxation

Savasana Scripts Book Cover


Guided Relaxations & Savasana Scripts for Yoga Teachers: Volume 1

This manual has been carefully designed by a yoga teacher for yoga teachers!

* There is no risk because if for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, you can return it within 30 days for 110% of your money back! *

This is an exclusive offer that will definitely sell out.

Act now before this volume of Guided Relaxation and Savasana Scripts is taken off of the market!

There are yoga teachers that teach incredibly amazing yoga classes only to ruin it at the end by blasting whatever new age music is on their iPod. Others think it sufficient to simply turn off the lights and not say a word for five minutes. Then there are always the teachers that wait until there are only 2 minutes left to cram in savasana. Elsewhere there are other teachers that hold students in downward dog longer then they hold the students in savasana!

All of these yoga teachers are making big mistakes and are forgetting that the most important part of the yoga class is savasana!

This book will only be made available to 500 people and each hard cover copy will be signed by the author and assigned a serial number from 001 to 500.

After the 500th person purchases this book that will be it, there will be no more available!

Why you need Savasana & Guided Relaxation Scripts:

At the end of class it is vitally important to provide a relaxing savasana for your class.  Simply turning the lights off and putting on some pretty music doesn’t qualify!

If you want to learn how to guide your class into a deep and relaxing trance this book is for you!

This manual is filled with guided relaxation scripts that you can use and they are guaranteed to be effective. The end of a yoga class can be the determining factor in whether your class is great or just okay.

With Guided Relaxations & Savasana Scripts for Yoga Teachers: Volume 1, you can lead your class into a deep and rejuvenating trance AND you can do it every time!

By deeply relaxing, the student can explore their inner self.  Isn’t helping your student explore their inner reality your ultimate goal.

Buy Guided Relaxations & Savasana Scripts for Yoga Teachers: Volume 1 before all 500 copies are gone forever!

A very successful yoga teacher who is also a practicing professional certified hypnotist created this manual and because these scripts will guarantee that your students will feel and experience deep relaxation in your yoga class, this means your students will keep coming back!

* There is no risk because if for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, you can return it within 30 days for 110% of your money back! *

You will be attracting more yoga students to your classes and your yoga classes will improve greatly simply by ending the class in the right way!

If you want to be known as a fabulous yoga teacher and if you want to truly help your students discover their best self, you must offer an exquisite relaxing experience with positive suggestions for improvement. Guided Relaxations & Savasana Scripts for Yoga Teachers: Volume 1 will give you that capability. This is truly a gift and a one of a kind find. You were meant have the opportunity to connect with these beautiful scripts.

There is nothing like this manual out there and soon the 500 copies will be in the homes and studios of yoga teachers who want to better their teaching.


Yoga is a $6 billion a year industry right now!

There are an estimated 10-12 million people practicing yoga.

If you are a yoga teacher you must get your hands on this! Only 500 hard cover copies will be sold!

By purchasing this book you will have word for word scripts that you can authentically put to use in the next yoga class you teach.

Will you buy Guided Relaxations & Savasana Scripts for Yoga Teachers: Volume 1 now or will you wait to buy it after you discover how effective the FREE script on this site is? Will there be any copies left when you are ready to buy it?

Act now because there are thousands and thousands of yoga teachers in the world and only 500 yoga teachers will get access to this one of a kind manual! Will you be one of them?

Do you want to:

• Take your teaching to the next level?

• Put your students into a deep and relaxing trance at the end of your yoga classes?

• Have a real impact on those you teach?

• Lower your students blood pressure?

• De-stress your students?

• Leave your students feeling fantastic after your class?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, this manual is for you!

If you think you could already provide any of the above, is there any room for improvement?

Do yourself and your yoga students a huge, relaxing favor and purchase these precious one of a kind, limited edition, signed by the author.

Free Savasana Script

You will probably be surprised at how well the free scripts work on your students and because of this perhaps you will want to purchase Guided Relaxations & Savasana Scripts for Yoga Teachers: Volume 1 and hopefully there will still be some left.

The book tells you how to analyze your student’s energy, how to create a hypnotic voice, how to deepen your students into trance and much, much more. In a moment you can get a peak at the table of contents.

These scripts were created and designed especially for yoga teachers by a yoga teacher. These scripts are going to help secure your students keep coming back for more of your yoga classes.

People usually come to yoga because they want to de-stress and relax. Are you relaxing your students?

These scripts will make you known as that “Special Yoga Teacher” that everyone talks and raves all about. They will say that there is no one does it like you! The truth will be that no one does do it like you because you will lead your own unique class and now you will have these scripts to make your classes even better.

These scripts will give you the ability to have the kind of class where everyone leaves with a Yoga Buzz!

When we go into trance anything is possible and these scripts will probably guide everyone that wants to relax right into a trance.

These scripts may help save and extend lives because of their relaxing nature.

Some Alarming Facts About Stress

• 75% of the general population experiences at least "some stress" every two weeks (National Health Interview Survey).
• Stress contributes to heart disease, high blood pressure, strokes, and other illnesses in many individuals
• Stress affects and breaks down the immune system, which is supposed to protect us from many serious diseases
• Tranquilizers, antidepressants, and anti-anxiety medications account for one fourth of all prescriptions written in the U.S. each year
62 percent of Americans say work has a significant impact on stress levels. (Washington Post)
54 percent of Americans say they worry about their stress in their everyday life. (Washington Post)

Direct Benefits of the Guided Relaxation Scripts

• Lowering Your Students Blood Pressure
• Improved Digestion because Relaxation Stimulates the Rest and Digest Parasympathetic Nervous System
• Improving Breathing and Respiratory Functioning
• Stimulating Feelings Happiness and Well A.K.A. Get a Yoga Buzz
• Encouraging Weight Release
• Reprogram the Subconscious Mind to Make Healthy Choices
• Release Built up Tensions
• Release Built up Emotional Tensions
• Encourage a Quiet Inner Space for Meditation to occur

Happier and Calmer Human Beings make the World a Better Place!

The Hypnotic Yoga Connection

Like yoga, hypnosis has been used for thousands of years. Before there were pain-killers, many doctors used hypnosis when performing surgery on their patients.

If a yoga class is good, at the very end we go into trance. The thing is some people just lay there fidgeting and thinking about what they have going on in their life. With these scripts you can guide their mind into a relaxed and calm state. Help get your students into contact with their unconscious mind. If they do this, they will awaken!

Savasana gives us a chance to really and truly awaken and these scripts will guide everyone into a deep trance.

The Savasana Script Manual is filled with Guided Relaxation Scripts that you can use to guide your students into a deep place within where they will be able to access incredibly deep and wonderful rejuvenating and relaxing states of consciousness. Their immune functioning will more than likely improve, their blood pressure will drop, and they will more often than not report they feel happier and calmer because of your yoga class.

There is no one better than Jane Foody to write and release Guided Relaxations & Savasana Scripts for Yoga Teachers: Volume 1. She is well known for providing a portal that many enter only to find incredibly deep and relaxing trance experiences.

If you act now, you can reproduce trance in your yoga student exactly the same way Jane does!

Jane is passionate about helping people release their stress and find peace within and she is committed to helping people heal emotionally, mentally and physically through the practice of yoga.

Jane’s guided relaxations are what make her yoga classes extremely popular and attractive to many people.

To give you an idea of how successful Jane is: She runs an invitation, referral based business! She doesn’t need to advertise anymore because throngs of people are drawn to her classes because of the relaxation and peace they find.

Can you imagine if you were talked about and were well known for having the ability to speak people into a relaxing trance state? Some people will even claim they relax so much that they don’t feel their body!

Jane wants every yoga teacher to be praised and loved for what they do. Yoga is so important in the world right now and she wants every yoga student to benefit from yoga.

Jane gets many students referred to her that say they didn’t get the relaxation and the peace they had hoped for in other yoga classes. Because of this she has created this amazing book of Savasana & Guided Relaxation Scripts for other yoga teachers to use. She wants access to these scripts to be unique and special for those who use them. That is why she is printing only 500 copies. Once 500 copies have been purchased this volume will never again be sold.

Let me repeat this because it is important:


Jane makes one serious request before you buy or use her scripts:

To All Those Who May Use These Scripts:

Please use these scripted guided relaxations with great respect and care. Please do not use them until you are ready to have a yoga class filled with people that are in a very deep, very relaxed trance and be sensitive to their power.  Some people will snore, some people will ask you what happened, and others will rave about their experience.  Some will say that your voice went in and out.  When someone is in trance anything becomes possible. I’m not sure if you know this but 90% of our mental ability and our brainpower is below the conscious level.  The unconscious mind is beating your heart, digesting your food, keeping you breathing, blinking, secreting hormones, and keeping you from having to consciously think about it right now!  Believe in the power of your mind because without your belief in it, theses scripts are just words on a paper.  You must go first.  You must allow yourself to enter into trance when you teach. You can sub-communicate and transmit well-being and positive energy to all the people in your class. If you don’t believe me I dare you to try the following: In your next yoga class, silently think to your yoga class from your heart, “I love you all.”  Think this to your yoga class at least 10 times throughout the duration of the class.  After the class is over, you will probably find that your regular students come up to you and report that they felt something was different about your class that day.  They will tell you it was magnificent and simply fantastic.  You must feel well and transmit those feelings to your students.

I am giving you my secret yoga teaching recipe.  My students make incredible leaps by learning yoga from me because of my methods.  The interesting thing is that it’s not really me.  I simply guide my clients to a place where they get in contact with their own innate abilities.  The real secret is the intention behind your words.  You must have love and joy and the conscious intention that everyone benefit and feel excellent when your yoga class is over.  You want your class or your private client to return from your guided relaxation savasana as though they took a great and wonderful inner journey.  You want your clients to feel replenished and rejuvenated after yoga class and you also probably want them to refer you to their friends and family so use these scripts wisely and you will greatly benefit from them.  If you do not benefit from them, contact me and I will give you 110% of your money back.

I honor the place in you that is of love, light, truth and peace. I honor the place in you where the entire universe dwells. When you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me, we are truly one.


Jane Foody


Jane Foody

Guided Relaxations & Savasana Scripts for Yoga Teachers: Volume 1

Table of Contents:

  • About this Manual
  • What you Should Know Before Reading the Scripts
  • Script Key and Notes
  • Methods Of Analyzing Energy and Inducing Deep Relaxation
  • Creating a Hypnotic Voice
  • How to Choose Words that will Initiate Trance and Linguistic Bridges You Should Use
  • How to Hypnotically Count Back
  • How to do a Hypnotic Yoga Induction
  • How to Deepen the State of Relaxation
  • Deep Relaxation Recipe
  • Induction Scripts:
    • Progressive Relaxation Induction
    • 61 Points Induction
    • Breath Hold Induction
    • Eye Focus Induction
    • Odd and Even Eye Opening and Closing Induction
  • Savasana and Guided Relaxation Scripts included in this volume:
  • Fill with Light Relaxation and Visualization
  • Yoga Nidra Script
  • Let Go of Baggage on the Hot Air Balloon
  • Release Stress Easily
  • Absorption
  • Ripples of Relaxation
  • Keep Coming Back to Yoga Class
  • Keep Practicing Yoga
  • Cascading Waterfall
  • Store Prana and Vitality
  • Feel More Peaceful and Calm in the Midst of Chaos
  • Loving Kindness Meditation
  • Love and Heal Your Body
  • Feel Energized and Fantastic When Yoga is Over
  • Have More Focus and Concentration
  • Restorative Temple Experience
  • Chakra Balance
  • Be More Attracted to Health and Drop the Excess Pounds with Yoga
  • Enjoy Your Life More
  • Have Better Posture
  • Feel More Appreciation