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Muscle Chart


Action at hip

Action at Knee

Action when walking or moving

Unique feature or particularity or working with another muscle


Chief hip flexor


  • Concentric contraction moves free limb to lift limb and swing forward during walking
  • Elevate limb during climbing
  • Bilateral contract. Produces flexion of trunk at the hip on fixed thigh (seated Forward fold)
  • Stabilizes hip like walking down hill



  • Weak Hip flexor
  • Externally/lateral rotates hip

Knee flexor


  • Longest muscle in body
  • Working with gracilis it is a minor knee flexor

Quadriceps Femoris

Only rectus Femoris

  • Knee extensor
  • Extend knee against gravity like in standing from a squatting position, walking up stairs, or climbing, or

acceleration during running

  • Prepares knee to accepts weight


- Holds knee flexion in check (keeps leg straight) so hamstrings can produce hip extension

-Works with Glut. Max to control rate of descent when sitting down. (quad @ knee and glut @ hip)

Rectus Femoris

Hip flexor

Knee extender

Helps iliopsoas swing limb forward

  • Kicking a soccer ball muscle
  • Only quad muscle that crosses knee and hip

Adductor Group


- brevis

- longus

- Pectineus


- Adduct hip

- Flex hip when knee is flexed




Abductor Group

(Glut min

Glut med

Tensor fascia lata)

- abduct hip



pull down on ileum, lifting opposite side of pelvis making it easier for opposite foot to move forward

- Work with medial  rotaters when walking




Biceps Femoris

Hip extensors

Knee flexors

- hip extensors when walking on flat ground

- resist hip flexion and knee extension during walking, decelerating leg and thigh

-When thighs and legs are fixed, hamstrings can help extend trunk at hip joint

-Help maintain relaxed standing posture



Knee flexor

-Plantar flexes ankle when knee is extended

-lifts heel during walking




Minor Knee flexor

Can also produce medial rotation of tibia

When person is standing w/ knee partly flexed popliteus helps PCL prevent anterior displacement of femur

Flexor Hallucis Longus



Propels foot


Tibialis posterior



Helps distribute weight and maintain balance


Glut Max

Hip extensor


Assists in rising from sitting position

- helps quads when needing to propel forward to push something

Anti-gravity muscle






Medial Collateral Ligament

medial femoral epicondyle to the tibia

Prevents excessive aBduction