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Meet Yoga Jane

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Jane started dabbling with yoga classes at the age of 11 years old and committed to a steady practice when she was about 13.

With over 10 years of experience, Jane is recognized by Yoga Alliance as an experienced registered yoga teacher (E-RYT) and directs and certifies people to teach yoga through her registered yoga school.


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See what students are saying about the Yoga Jane Teacher Training!


“Jane, thank you for encouraging me to jump in and take the next step in my yoga journey! When I began I never thought I would teach any group class because I only wanted to do one-on-one but now I feel totally confident in whatever comes my way!”
– Michelle Alley


“ Yoga Jane, what a loooong journey it has been! And definitely well worth it! I’m eternally grateful for all I have learned. Your wisdom, knowledge and guidance have inspired me to be my best and to never settle. I’m on a mission.”
– Marcia

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How long will it take, you may wonder? Some of the immediate effects of a customized yoga session include feeling peaceful and calm and a boost in self esteem. Unfortunately, quick-fix and fad diets come with a painful price tag. Only 12% of Americans who lose weight on a crash diet and maintain the weight loss for one year. The rest - 88% - not only gain back the weight much sooner, but many gain back even more than they lost.  The best part of yoga is that it's for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are in shape or not. It doesn’t matter what condition or disease you have. Forget what you've heard about yoga. You do not have to twist yourself up into a pretzel to do yoga. Yoga can be customized for you even if your obese, 90 years old or paralyzed. Yoga can be customized for your health needs or condition(s) or simply for your lifestyle. A yoga practice can be designed to enhance your career as a musician or a professional athlete.
If you would like to schedule a private yoga session or get more info please click here.  Email me link. Most of the time you should expect a response within 48 hours.


Did you know that the average adult repairs about 300 billion cells every single day? The food you eat, the activities you participate in, the thoughts you think, your mood, your relationships and your environment all influence how your cells repair and regenerate. For many people, as they age, they find that their new cells continue to get weaker and weaker. People recognize the weaker cells via a deterioration in their health. But there is always a choice in life, and you have been created with a natural, built-in repair system. Yoga coupled with a healthy lifestyle leads you to living a longer and more enjoyable life. While yoga won’t make you immortal, if practiced regularly and correctly it can help you feel happier, get stronger, healthier and fitter.


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